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Togliti lo stress dell’organizzazione, pensiamo a tutto noi. Cosa aspetti?

 Ti chiederemo i dati di spedizione di ogni invitato a ordine completato. Per ora inserisci solo i tuoi dati.

Pizza Night

Your night with pizza, fun and good company!

Pizza night’s planning

Plan directly from home your Pizza Night with us and spend time with your favourite people!


Your Event Lab is at your disposal from Monday to Sunday. You can contact us by phone or email.

The perfect Pizza Night

Prefect Night, without the stress.

How many time we find ourselves trying to plan a pizza night, and we realize we don’t have enough time?
We have the solution!
To plan, invite and book won’t be a stress anymore! Answer some simple questions and we will provide the perfect solution. It may seems easy but what make the difference are the details, and our planner are ready to find the perfect balance with you. 

Here two type of events:

  • Alla romana: Each guest pays a participation fee.
  • Evento ospitato: The host pays for every costs for the guests. 

Base Services

All that you need to start!
Base Services

We’ll make a simple “pizza” an event that all of you will remember forever! Of course, the main ingredient is Pizza. You can recommend your favorite pizzeria or we can suggest you one. In addition, there are some logistic aspect to consider that we will take care of:

  • Deliver the pizza (hot, of course!);
  • Wine, beer, soft drinks, water and amari;
  • Mise en place for the plate and silverware;
  • Location;
  • Works’ coordination;
  • Cleaning.

Additional Services

We’ll manage everything!
Consulting and planning

To plan a proper “pizzata”:

  • Work’s coordination
  • Subscription Form
  • Creation of a dedicate WebSite (if needed)
  • Rent of tables and chairs
  • Buffet Aperitif
  • Concierge
  • Gadget
  • Silverware, glasses, table cloth
  • Cleaning
Photographer and Video-maker

To capture every moment of the night, we will provide our photographers and videomakers. The services offered are:

  • Photo-reportage of the pizza night
  • Relive video of the pizza night
  • Photobooth for guest entertainment
  • Polaroid photos with instant printing to give to guests
  • Delivery of ready-made material for social media

You will have a beautician who will offer various beauty services in order to better prepare you for your evening. The services included will vary according to your needs.

  • an online video course on make-up and beauty
  • personalized packages with body and face treatments
location set-up

To impress your guests, we’ll take care of every detail:

  • arrangement with flowers or plant elements
  • set up with balloons and / or inflatables
  • structures of various kinds
  • gadgets

You want a Pizza Night?

Get rid of stress:
We organize that for you!

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